Spectacle Lenses

When our dispensing opticians & optometrists recommend lenses for your frames, they're choosing from a wide variety of lens materials, designs, coatings and finishes, to choose one that suits your individual prescription, the frame you like and your lifestyle. We don't do a one size fits all approach. We utilize international technology but source locally as much as possible.  

If you want to know more come and have a chat with us or for more info now about lens coatings or progressive lenses visit these links:

Crizal Lens Coatings - making your glasses the cleanest & clearest they can be
OptiFog Lens Coatings - preventing steamy situations
Crizal Prevencia Lens Coatings - protecting your eyes from ageing
E-SPF Lens Coatings - sun protection for all 
Varilux Progressive Lenses 
Photochromatic / Transitions Lenses - uv reactive sun protection

Feature Panel Image - 0961940001296185571.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0515578001410816365.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0263376001406023606.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0870469001371601639.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0112212001350350723.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0147466001326254513.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0358776001369345698.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0757738001387750215.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0799324001371601624.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0000263001387750200.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0787499001387750210.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0938172001407650963.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0541779001369346161.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0207420001389390460.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0197101001407651404.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0038472001328730206.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0989894001389390454.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0948985001407651206.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0762908001407651274.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0436431001358293249.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0038646001296183948.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0674021001415946640.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0116680001373767490.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0838697001350350728.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0617390001407651011.jpgFeature Panel Image - 0555367001387750204.jpg
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