“The most beautiful part of any picture is the frame”

Designer eyewear in the heart of Ponsonby

“The most beautiful part of any picture is the frame.”
Are you searching for practical and elegant glasses? Occhiali Optometrists offers you quality designer eyewear in the heart of Ponsonby’s Three Lamps.
Occhiali Optometrists takes its name from the Italian word for eyewear and is a celebration of form and function.
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Fashion eyewear in Ponsonby

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Eyewear in Ponsonby

Window displays

Occhiali is famous for there ever changing window displays.  
Eye-catching and innovative make sure you stop by to see the latest product pictured left

Featured product: Garrett Leight Clifornia Optical
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Special offer: 20% off the cost of your second pair of eyewear!
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